What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing My Doctor?

By Doulas of Shanghai

You got the news—you’re pregnant!

You call your family and closest friends to share the good news with them. It’s one of the most exciting times in life, and we’re excited for you too!

Those conversations sharing about your pregnancy are so fun. But once they’re finished, your brain can start to swirl. There’s so much that needs to be done before your little one arrives! What to buy, where to give birth, how to get your baby’s passport sorted out, postpartum care, etc.

But one of the first things to do is choosing the right doctor for you. It’s one of the most important choices you will make when preparing for birth. Your doctor will be there with you each step of the way, working to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

One key element to choosing the right doctor is to assess your level of comfort around them. You will meet with your doctor frequently through the prenatal period, and you’ll want to feel comfortable asking questions and getting helpful and reassuring feedback.

You’ll also want to feel safe in the hospital facility and with the other doctors that work there. While your doctor will be your go-to person throughout the prenatal period, there is also a chance that another doctor in the practice could be the one on call during your labor.

If you’re feeling lost and not sure what questions to ask your potential provider, don’t worry. We’ve got you on this one.

Here are nine of the most frequently asked questions you can use when choosing your doctor

1. How much time can I spend at each appointment talking with you?

2. If I have questions after my appointment, is there a midwife line or direct contact line?

3. Why should I choose you as a provider? What are your strengths?

4. How many doctors are there in this department?

5. Will I meet all or some of them?

6. Who will be at my birth when I go into labor? How does the on-call system work?

7. What is the schedule and protocol for prenatal testing?

8. How long past my due date could I go before induction?

9. How can the hospital staff support me in the type of birth that I want?

You may have more or fewer questions than this, but these will get the conversation rolling.

Looking for more support? Your doula can help formulate more questions to ask your doctor at your next visit. When concerns arise, you can feel confident that your doula is here to help you feel more confident and find answers and resources. Your doula will also provide continuity of care through pregnancy and during your birth, which is shown to lead to better outcomes for you, your partner, and your baby.

Contact Doulas of Shanghai for your free intake call and face-to-face consultation. We’re looking forward to talking with you.

Is your baby already here? We have postpartum doulas to teach you about newborn care, feeding support, and help you get your feet on the ground after bringing baby home, and more. Click here to read about eight ways your postpartum doula can support you.

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