What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing My Doctor?

By Doulas of Shanghai You got the news—you’re pregnant! You call your family and closest friends to share the good news with them. It’s one of the most exciting times in life, and we’re excited for you too! Those conversations sharing about your pregnancy are so fun. But once they’re finished, your brain can startContinue reading “What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing My Doctor?”

When Should My Baby Start Solids?

By Doulas of Shanghai “When should my baby start solids?” This is one of the most common postpartum questions I hear as an infant feeding specialist. Just like with any other baby-related question you type into a search engine, you’re going to get multiple contradictory answers. It can be stressful trying to wade through thatContinue reading “When Should My Baby Start Solids?”

When Should I Book My Doula?

By Doulas of Shanghai You may already have a good idea about what you want your birth to look like—an unmedicated water birth, pain-free epidural labor, scheduled cesarean, or something else. You have a lot of choices, and planning for your labor is key! If you don’t know yet what you want, that’s okay. YourContinue reading “When Should I Book My Doula?”

Is Your Baby Hungry?

By Doulas of Shanghai Learning how to care for your baby is a process for each parent. Each baby is different, with varied needs and temperaments. But one of the universals about babies is that they need to eat. A lot! They won’t eat large quantities all at once, but rather in small or moderateContinue reading “Is Your Baby Hungry?”

My Water Broke… Now What??

By Doulas of Shanghai I vividly remember the first time I saw someone’s water breaking on TV. I was about eight years old, watching Coneheads at my friend’s house. The mother announces the “birth spasm” is about to being, there is a massive gush of water, flooding through the kitchen and out the door. TheContinue reading “My Water Broke… Now What??”