My Baby is Gassy and Fussy… Is it Something I Ate?

Your baby is gassy, is it from something you ate? Learn about how to help your baby feel more comfortable.

Feel More Confident with Newborn Care Workshops

The time you’ve been waiting nine months (or longer!) for is finally here! Your baby is coming soon! And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, everyone and their mom has “helpful” unsolicited advice to share. Never sleep with the baby, sleep train as soon as possible, pump your breastmilk, don’t pump… and the list goes on,Continue reading “Feel More Confident with Newborn Care Workshops”

What Room Temperature is Best for my Baby?

Adjusting the room temperature can be tricky between cohabitating people. Some like it warmer, while others prefer a cooler temperature. But what about your baby? She can’t yet tell us her preference, and with various recommendations from friends, family, and good ol’ Google it can be challenging to know what temperature to set your airContinue reading “What Room Temperature is Best for my Baby?”

False Labor or the Real Deal?

Doulas of Shanghai There you are, going about your day. A busy day in the office, caring for a little one, or out at the park with friends. And then there it is, a tightening sensation in your abdomen, or a menstrual cramp feeling. With it, the questions start coming: “Contractions? Already? I’m not evenContinue reading “False Labor or the Real Deal?”