False Labor or the Real Deal?

Doulas of Shanghai There you are, going about your day. A busy day in the office, caring for a little one, or out at the park with friends. And then there it is, a tightening sensation in your abdomen, or a menstrual cramp feeling. With it, the questions start coming: “Contractions? Already? I’m not evenContinue reading “False Labor or the Real Deal?”

Eight Ways Your Postpartum Doula Supports You

Written by Doulas of Shanghai It’s the big day. The day that you’ve been waiting nine months for… Your beautiful baby is here! She coos in your arms and searches for your breast while you and your partner look lovingly on. Her fingers and toes are tiny, like a doll’s, but her grip around yourContinue reading “Eight Ways Your Postpartum Doula Supports You”